Self Discovery Process

Self discovery process – Fully accessing, understanding and integrating negative, harmful and traumatic experiences are all part of lasting emotional and psychological healing.  But when you think about it, traumatic experiences can take place in multisensory ways. In other words, they can be seen, heard, felt, and thought about by the person who’s experienced them. My approach takes all of this into account in the therapeutic process.

Levels of Your Journey – My multi-level self discovery process helps you get the emotional and psychological health you’re looking for. It’s holistic in that it heals the traumas on the same levels they were originally experienced and stored, helping you break through old patterns of thought, belief and behavior and move forward with your life.

This is where you learn how to be less reactive and more responsive. How conscious are you of your emotional states right now? By talking about your feelings, you’ll become more aware and even expand your range of emotions. Explore and discover how you behave when faced with different experiences and circumstances This lets you more fully express yourself and identify emotional factors that could potentially hinder your progress.

How in tune are you with your body? Did you know your body sends you important messages about your own emotional states? Body scanning is a mindfulness technique that teaches you to recognize your body sensations. You’ll learn to work effectively with feelings of discomfort, pain and stress, using them as a guide to understanding your circumstances.Through the body level you’ll begin to understand how each sensation you feel is connected to your thought processes, emotions and behaviors. This is an important step to getting more control over your feelings and your actions.

Adding a cognitive (mental) element into the process helps us figure out where dysfunctional thought patterns might be standing in the way of psychological healing and emotional well-being. The only way to fully understand yourself is in the context of your previous relationships and experiences in other words where you’ve been is a large part of who you are.Talking about and understanding yourself on this deep holistic level teaches you to access, tolerate, regulate and integrate your thoughts and feelings in an appropriate and healing way.