People come to me to feel better about themselves, improve relationships or cope with the challenges of life.
They might be…

  • Stuck in a difficult situation
  • Unable to communicate with their partner
  • Struggling to improve family life
  • Anxious or depressed
  • Having trouble finding fulfillment at work

Here are some of the ways they get the most out of therapy with me…

Self discovery process – Psychological and emotional healing depends on understanding, fully accessing and integrating negative or traumatic experiences. Since any past negative experiences take place on more than one sensory level (i.e. they are felt, heard, seen and thought about by the person who experiences them), I’ve developed a 3-level Self Discovery Process that aims to resolve issues holistically on levels of emotion, thought, and physical sensation.

Developing an authentic bond – My therapy is centered around creating an authentic heart connection with my clients. I am trained to listen to a person’s experiences, thoughts and desires in a way that is empathetic and non-judgmental. I am also practiced at being fully and undividedly present for each person, further solidifying trust and a strong therapeutic bond, both necessary components of healing.

Insight – Using psychodynamic theories, I am able to help clients become more self-aware and understand the influence their past experiences or traumas are having on their current behavior. By mapping out the links between a client’s history and the choices they are making in the present, they can gain insight into their lives, seeing patterns and become conscious of things like unresolved conflicts, or symptoms arising from past dysfunctional relationships.

Symptom relief – One of the things I address early on in therapy is relieving you of symptoms of anxiety or depression. By using techniques such as breath work, guided imagery and grounding meditations, you can reduce physical feelings of anxiousness or depression. This is especially helpful when those symptoms are overwhelming or otherwise preventing therapy from progressing.

Learning to view yourself as a “witness” who is observing their own behavior can help you recognize the often constant, negative, self-blaming talk that unconsciously takes place within the mind. By becoming more aware of your internal dialogue, you can choose to stop negative chatter and replace it with positive messages instead. Not only do you benefit from more desirable behavior, but also from the understanding, acceptance and empowerment that comes with this particular practice.

I allow space and time for clients to access, recognize and verbalize any past emotional, physical or sexual abuse utilizing body sensation scanning and awareness techniques. Getting the abuse experience “out into the atmosphere” has a healing quality all its own. The further that any abuse is processed, the less hold the experience will have on the client and the deeper the healing process can be.



Belief in a higher power or universal order can shed light onto the flaws within the human condition. Remember, we are imperfect beings on a human journey. Connection with the transpersonal can greatly enhance the quality of one’s life while expanding the perspective of the particular issue or challenge being addressed in therapy.


The keys to personal growth AND healthy relationships are knowing who you are and loving yourself in spite of your flaws. These are things you can learn…with a little bit of help.
I look forward to hearing from you,